Climate change, the rise of mega cities, the digital transformation, the increase of worldwide inequality, growing migration due to an increasing number of violent conflicts, under-regulated financial flows – no state can devise effective solutions to these and other global challenges on its own. In fact, the need for new forms of cooperation is stronger today than ever before since local approaches must be incorporated in multilateral agreements, and global challenges cannot be effectively met by approaches focusing solely on the national level.

This fact brings us to the heart of the debate on the post-2015 development agenda which is to bring together development goals and sustainability goals in one global agenda, for which industrialised, emerging and developing nations will be jointly responsible.

The Governance Sector Days are to help improve our understanding of the global agendas and the development of global partnerships in terms of good governance and human rights, as well as to discuss the range of services we offer partner countries and bring these services into line with the demands of sustainable development for the global common good.

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