Discussion Paper on the Governance of Global Transformation now online: Join the discussion here on our website!

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The Sector Days 2015 are only a few weeks away and our preparations are running full speed ahead. To trigger your curiosity, we would like to draw your attention to a paper which raises some central points for our upcoming discussions: Governance of Global Transformation by Dr. Albrecht Stockmayer. The paper analyses how the framework of global governance and thus the settings of our advisory services have evolved in the light of global challenges. It brings together the debate on transformation (which was our main focus at the last Sector Days in 2013) with the opportunities and challenges we face within the setting of global governance. It also raises some crucial points on how our work will be shaped by the impacts of global developments in the future. Read the entire document in German here. An English translation of the paper can be found here.

We are looking forward to your thoughts on this! Your comments and inputs are very welcome, so please draw on the comment field below and join the discussion.