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Curtain up for inspiration and innovation

The sector days Good Governance provide a forum for exchanging know-how and promoting mutual learning. Under the headline of supporting good governance light of global challenges, they open up space for discussing the lessons learned on applying useful approaches and methodologies in everyday project work, on finding inspiration and on forging valuable contacts. In other words, the sector days are a conference run by participants for participants.

We would therefore like to invite you to become actively involved. On the first two days, which we are organising together with the German Development Institute (DIE) and external guests, we will run three one-and-a-half-hour slots, each of which will have seven or eight workshops that you, the participants, can design. On day 3 – the GIZ-internal day – there will be a one-and-a-half-hour Open Space, which will also allow you to present and examine innovative approaches, methods as well as services that have been developed in projects, sector networks and cluster work.

We welcome any ideas you may have for all of these slots.

We would also like to encourage you to develop and implement workshop ideas together with other projects – irrespective of whether these are from your sector networks, outside your sector networks or on another continent – or with the competence centres, planning officers and sector programmes in our division.

Any method can be used – there are no limits to your imagination: either a presentation with follow-on discussion or a practice-oriented workshop, a fishbowl or Pecha Kucha presentations, a TEDx talk or a round table. There is just one thing that we should ensure – to provide enough scope for discussion and exchange. Hence, one or two talks are preferable to three or four ones.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

What are we looking for?

Innovative and inspiring workshop ideas that will give participants an edge when implementing projects or further developing GIZ products. It should be possible to assign your ideas to one of the following themes. Alternatively, the workshop can be held as an Open Space event:

  1. Competing for finance and resources
  2. Under pressure: human rights and inclusive participation
  3. The urbanised planet
  4. Homo sapiens migrans: supporting migrants and refugees
  5. Global communication, global information – who manages knowledge and innovation? Who are the beneficiaries?
  6. Governance beyond the realm of the nation state
  7. Open Space (internal GIZ event)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What do we offer?

Workshop spaces for between 20 and 100 participants, depending on seating arrangements (theatre-style, semi-circle, circle, U-shaped or O-shaped, small groups), with projectors, laptops, and a PA system where necessary to play pre-recorded speeches and other audio clips or sound bites.

What is the deadline?

Please submit your workshop proposals by May 30. Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider proposals submitted after this date.

What are the selection criteria?

The main selection criterion is the relevance of the workshop theme to the programme as a whole and to one of the six key topics or the open space event. We are also looking for creative presentation formats and preferably for proposals that have been developed jointly by several projects, in cooperation with planning officers and sector programmes of Division 42 Good Governance and Human Rights or within the framework of sector networks or communities of practice. If individual proposals turn out to be similar or related, we will recommend that those submitting them join forces and develop a joint workshop.

We can also offer academic support for further developing the workshop concept through the German Development Institute (DIE).

Feedback on workshop proposals will be provided by June 30 at the latest.

When does the workshop content have to be available?

As the workshops are key constituents of our sector days, we would like to publish brief workshop descriptions on our conference website well in advance of the event so that all participants are able to pre-register for workshops. Please bear this in mind when devising the workshop concepts. The more informative and concise your proposal and the shorter and snappier the title, the more likely other participants will be to register for your workshop.

Please submit your workshop proposals and brief descriptions in English. Although the conference itself will offer contributions in German and English, the website will be in English, so that it reaches as wide a target audience as possible.

Please submit your final workshop proposals, including the name of the speaker, latest by September 9.

Which information should be submitted for placing on the website?

We will use the brief workshop description that is part of your final workshop proposal. In addition, we need the names of the workshop speakers as well as the name of the institution or the programme they are coming from.

Please, send us also a photo of the speakers with a display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Can I make changes to my proposal once I have submitted it?

Yes, of course you can make changes at any stage. After all, a lot will depend on whether the chosen speaker is available. However, please inform us of any major changes, particularly if a workshop veers away substantially from the original theme and deals with different issues. We will then take another look at the proposal to see if it overlaps with other workshop concepts.

What role does the person responsible for the workshop play?

The person responsible for the workshop is in charge of content, the administrative preparatory work and implementation. He/she ensures that speakers are available, that the workshop sticks to the main theme and that the findings are documented so that they can be published.

How are the workshops financed?

Any costs for external speakers at the workshop are funded by the implementing Projects.

What are the possibilities for project staff to participate in the sector days?

As with any event, the number of participants at our sector days is limited, and not all interested colleagues may be able to attend. Therefore, the invitations to register for the conference will be broken down into two steps. First, we will ask the heads of programme, the spokespersons of the sector networks and the cluster or working group coordinators as well as our planning officers to register themselves or their representatives. Once we have done this, we will offer places that we have reserved for colleagues in the projects who will make an active input to designing and organizing the workshops.

Would you like to have an exhibition stand?

The sector networks have expressed interest in showing some of their work at an exhibition stand. In fact, we will be able to provide at least little space for presenting materials. If you like to design an exhibition stand, please let us know and submit your suggestion in the run of our call for workshop proposals.

Proposal for a workshop for the Good Governance Debates 2015

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