Good Governance through Regional Integration?

Workshop Session 1
October 6, 16:30 – 18:00, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Plenarsaal
Language: English

Organiser, Moderator and Speaker

Philipp M. Goldberg, Acting Speaker of GGA & Governance Adviser, ProGRESS: Strengthening the Reform Agenda and Management Structures of SADC Institutions


Miriam Heidtmann, Advisor Organizational Development/Corporate Communication EAC

Duncan Karari, Advisor Corporate Communication EAC

Christian PetersHead of Project GIZ – ProGRESS

Ollen Mwalubunju, Executive Director for National Initiative for Education (NICE) in Malawi

Dirk Lölke, Federal Foreign Office Head of Division 300


The goal of this workshop is to stimulate debate on how engagement between Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and non-state actors (civil society & private sector) can enhance governance.

Issues and Content

Civic education leads to demands for progress in regional integration (example Malawi-SADC)

Public dialogue between non-state actors and RECs leads to increased ownership of integration agenda by citizens (EAC)

What can the German contribution be in future? In particular: How can we as GIZ programmes help to enhance the outreach of regional policies to  individuals and communities in respective member states?

Relevance of the event´s key theme

Regional integration is pursued all over the world, but progress and speed of integration differs. The event explores the role of the citizens in integration dynamics as well as the effect on regional governance

Practical relevance for our governance services

The African Union (AU) defines Regional Economic Communities (RECs) as key players for good governance in Africa as part of the African Governance Architecture (AGA).

What roles have regional organisations (head offices) and non-state actors in member states (e.g. civic education)? Examples from the East African Community (EAC) and the Southern African Community (SADC) will be discussed.

How will German foreign policy and development assistance react to the growing influence and role of new powers and regional actors (e.g. China, South Africa, India)?

Relevance for other projects
This workshop is of relevance to regional and bilateral projects, due to the fact that most of our partner countries have signed up for regional commitments. Hence, it is our interest to collect various perspectives and proposals on where GIZ´s place is – in facilitating support in policy harmonization among member states of regional bodies.
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