‚Govern4Afg‘ – Let’s talk about Governance in Afghanistan

Open Space 3
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Umweltforum/Plenum
Language: Depends on participants

Organisers and Speakers

Bjoern Richter, Sector Coordinator “Good Governance” Afghanistan

Yvonne Mueller, Planning Officer, Governance in fragile contexts

Governance practitioners worldwide are increasingly facing situations of fragile statehood. In Afghanistan six cooperation-projects of the BMZ Governance-portfolio are breaking new grounds for an enhanced understanding of this political challenging context. With the Governance Forum Afghanistan (Govern4Afg) they established a think-and-do-tank to initiate discussion about good governance in Afghanistan through evidence-based issue papers and discussion process between high-level Afghan and German partners. Objective of Govern4Afg is to enhance a more in-depth and systematic development of governance-related topics and to improve needs-based decision making of Afghan and German ‘Drivers of Change’ in the field of governance.

Expert-teams facilitate discussions along six selected topics. The experts serve as moderators and multipliers of the process summarizing the inputs from open-dialogue discussions and interviews in issue papers.

Objective of this open space is to provide participants with an insight of our work of establishing and steering a multi-stakeholder process. It will be a chance to discuss in what kind of unique ways governance can be promoted through a dialogue forum and suitable policy inputs. Moreover the open space will open up room to discuss how to organize such a complex process with various stakeholders in a fragile environment and high political expectations from both partner country and international community. Subsequently, first outcomes of two topics will be presented and discussed with participants, enabling exchange and sharing of experiences. Feedback from the session will then be incorporated into the forum process.

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