Homo Sapiens Migrans: Supporting Migrants and Refugees

Sub-Plenary Session 2
October 7, 09:45 – 11:15, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Elysium


Benjamin Schraven, DIE

Gibril Faal, chairman of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD)

Markus Reisle, DEZA, head of Global Programme „Migration and Development”

Touria Lebbad, National Council for Human Rigths (Conseil National des Droits de l’Homme, CNDH), Marocco

Ute Böttcher, GIZ, Sectoral Department, Division Governance and Conflict


Peter Bonin, Head of SV Migration und Entwicklung

In 2015, over 250 million people are living outside of their home country, with almost 60 million being forcibly displaced. Migration has always been a part of the life of human beings. It is a global phenomenon and has various facets. Migration flows have significant economic and social effects on countries and regions of origin, transit and destination and are both opportunity and challenge for the affected societies. In particular the strongly increasing number of refugees challenges structures and societies in the host regions and communities and influences the international and political discussion on migration. Development cooperation is requested to provide effective concepts supporting partners to foster the potential of migration for development and to address its risks and challenges. Thus, the global phenomenon migration has found its place on the international development agenda.

The Sub-Plenary “Homo Sapiens Migrans” will discuss migration and forced displacement under a governance perspective. Clarification of various forms of migration, terms and global trends will provide the basis for a discussion on the role and possibilities of development cooperation. International experts, practitioners from development cooperation and representatives of migrant associations will discuss with the participants governance-related needs in order to support migrants and refugees as well as host and origin communities and partner systems.

Panelists are Benjamin Schraven (DIE), Gibril Faal (Chairman of the African Foundation for Development, AFFORD and the Africa-Europe Development Platform AEDP), Touria Lebbad (National Council for Human Rights (CNDH),Marocco), Markus Reisle (Head of the Global Programme “Migration and Development”, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC) and Ute Böttcher (Head of GIZ Competence Center Democracy and Rule of Law). The Sub-Plenary will be moderated by Peter Bonin, Head of GIZ Sector Project “Migration and Development”.

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