Human Rights and Land Governance

Workshop Session 2
October 7, 11:45 – 13:15, Venue: Umweltforum/Seminar 12
Language: English

Organisers and Speakers

Michael Brüntrup, Department Sustainable Economic and Social Development, German Development Institute (DIE)

Anita Hernig, Advisor, Sector Project Land Policy and Land Management

Silke Hattendorff, Advisor, Cross-sectoral programme „Realising human rights in development cooperation“, Division Good Governance and Human Rights

Sensitisation for the topic “Human rights and land governance”, and showcasing how human rights can trickle through global, regional, sectoral, public and private voluntary and compulsory frameworks down to national and local level, and what is needed to accompany this process and issue.

Issue and content
Large-scale agro-investments (LSAIs) are currently flourishing in both developed and developing countries, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa. Although they can have many positive impacts in rural areas, they can also have strong negative impacts, in particular if they involve large scale land acquisitions (LSLAs). There are several human rights issues relevant to LSAIs: the right to development, to self-determination, to food, to water, to housing, the special rights of indigenous and tribal peoples, and labor rights, to name the most relevant ones.

A number of international frameworks have been modified or created to guide LSAIs. Many have been inspired by human rights and developed in multi-stakeholder fora, notably the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

The workshop will present some of these frameworks, discuss their relevance for affected rural people, and how it inspires the work of a specific work strand of GIZ, the Sector Project Land Policy and Land Management and related projects.

Relevance to the event’s key theme
The workshop links human rights to international, national and local, public and private sector governance by the hand of two concrete sector topics: land and agrobusiness.

Practical relevance for our governance services
GIZ’s governance services can be expanded and strengthened by showing new areas of combining general governance competences, including human rights, with land and agrobusiness competences.

Relevance for other projects
Both the process of developing new sector governance frameworks as well as combining them with sector and country projects can be highly inspiring for future strategic and project work of GIZ.

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