Impact Evaluation in Governance Programmes

Open Space 1
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Umweltforum/Plenum
Language: Englisch

Organiser and Speaker

Caterina Jochmann, Advisor, GIZ Peru

Luis Camacho, Researcher, DIE


Frederick Ranitzsch, GIZ

Present the research design, conceptual approach and first experiences of a joint GIZ-DIE project on impact evaluation.

Issues to be treated at the workshop include

Theories of change in governance programmes and their reflection at the level of indicators

Methodological choices for the assessment of impacts

Challenges with regard to data, the definition of baselines and the implementation of surveys

Capacity development

The workshop does not fit neatly into any of the six thematic areas, nor does it build on the challenges of global governance guiding the sector days, but it reflects a highly relevant topic that has recently attracted growing interest in governance-related development cooperation.

Practical relevance
The approaches, methodological choices and experiences presented at the workshop are of immediate relevance to other governance programmes implemented by GIZ. Disussions should allow to draw lessons regarding the definition of indicators at various levels as well as the incorporation of evaluation activities into programme implementation (for instance, access to data, definition of baselines, cooperation with local research and consultancy organisations). This is particularly relevant for governance programmes, but it extends to other projects as well, as the assessment of impacts is key to development cooperation in general.

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