Judicial Integrity Scan – Making the Bangalore Principles work in reality

Open Space 2
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Umweltforum/Entrance 1st floor
Language: Depending on participants


Kirsten Lorscheid, Advisor Anti-Corruption & Integrity

Anna Sturmfels, Advisor Anti-Corruption & Integrity

Fabian Klemme, Advisor Polifonds Project “Combating Illicit Financial Flows”

Integrity and independence of the judiciary are essential to fight corruption. According to the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct, judicial integrity requires the absolute commitment of the judiciary to six judicial values: independence, impartiality, personal integrity, propriety, equality, and competence and diligence. The Anti-Corruption and Integrity Programme`s “Judicial Integrity Scan” assesses how well the judiciary in a country conforms to these integrity standards. Data is gathered on the institutional framework, the legal provisions, their implementation and civil society`s perception of the judiciary in order to draw-up recommendations on integrity-building measures. A scan requires little time and effort and can initiate, evaluate and support partners` legal and judicial reforms.

During the Open Space, it will be discussed which “ingredients” are needed to assess judicial integrity and how to successfully implement the measures proposed in a sustainable manner.

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