Let’s Talk About It: Innovative approaches to strengthen freedom of expression, media pluralism and good governance

Open Space 5
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Umweltforum/Seminar 12
Language: English


Tim Auracher, Senior Advisor, Cross-Sectoral Programme “Good Governance”

Friederike Brinkmeier, Advisor, Cross-Sectoral Programme “Realising Human Rights in Development Cooperation”

Isabel Rodde, Advisor, Cross-Sectoral Programme “Realising Human Rights in Development Cooperation”


Sopheap Chak, Cambodian Center for Human Rights, Cambodia

Ralf Oetzel, GIZ Programme “Protecting human rights in migration situations“, Ecuador

Shalva Papuashvili, GIZ Programme “Legal Approximation towards European Standards in the South Caucasus”, Georgia

Ivar Trippolini, GIZ Programme “Promoting political human rights and the fight against corruption through judicial and prison reform”, Bangladesh

Friederike Brinkmeier, Advisory Programme Human Rights, gives a brief general overview of pilot projects


Tim Auracher, Advisory Programme Good Governance

Isabel Rodde, Advisory Programme Human Rights

How can we promote the new international development goal “access to information” (SDG 16)? Which approaches have proved effective in encouraging disadvantaged groups to actively use new media? How can alliances between media professionals, governments and civil society be strengthened?

GIZ and DW Akademie have carried out 18 pilot projects that explored new formats and models of cooperation at the interface between human rights, media, citizens and the state. They aimed at improving the legal and economic framework as well as citizen participation and media reporting. Representatives from the pilot projects and partner organisations will share their experiences and discuss how to transfer the approaches to other countries and contexts.

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