Promoting human rights and non-discrimination in Africa, the MENA region and Latin America – lessons from the field

Open Space 8
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Umweltforum/Seminar 13
Language: Depending on participants


Juliane Osterhaus, Head of sector-programme „Realising Human Rights in Development Cooperation“

Lothar Jahn, Senior Planning Officer, “Democracy and the Rule of Law”

International and regional human rights treaties offer a solid normative framework for (good) global and national governance. However, the gap between rights on paper and reality is still huge.
The workshop brings together colleagues from GIZ-supported programmes cooperating with regional and national human rights institutions in Africa, the MENA region and Latin America, such as the Ibero-American network of ombudsmen offices, the Ugandan national human rights commission or the African human rights court. It offers a platform for an open exchange on successful strategies, impacts as well as challenges with regard to improving human rights and non-discrimination in our partner countries.

Key questions which have been developed in dialogue with participating programmes are:

Which strategies have proven successful with regard to enhancing human rights and promoting non-discrimination?

Which lessons have been learnt related to the cooperation with national human rights institutions, regional human rights courts and networks, civil society organisations and government structures?

How can dialogue and cooperation between these institutions be improved – even in restrictive environments?

How do global trends affect our work in the field of protecting and promoting human rights?

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