Public Finance Alumni Network

Open Space 11
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Elysium
Language: German

Organisers and Speakers

David Nguyen-Thanh, Head of the Competence Center Public Finance and Administration

Matthias Witt, Programme Manager Good Financial Governance in Africa

Birgit Hahn, Technical Advisor, Good Financial Governance in Africa

Christian Schütz, Researcher and Expert Public Finance Network

Background and Objective

The portfolio of GIZ in Public Finance has grown substantially, with a number of projects working in the area of HCD. With this increase, the number of alumni of public finance HCD has grown strongly. As a consequence, the demand for specialist knowledge within GIZ has grown. This demand includes technical knowledge, specific regional expertise, and experience with GIZ instruments and the capacity to develop new services. With the Good Financial Governance (GFG) portfolio expected to increase over the next few years, the challenge exists in identifying qualified experts and developing an adequate network to meet this expected demand. Due to the nature of GIZ interventions, programmes and projects have a limited life span. While programme results are aimed at sustainability, it is especially difficult to monitor long term results in respect to HCD activities.
Against this background, GIZ has developed a Global Public Finance Network aimed at GIZ alumni, PFM experts and practitioners as well as (former) GIZ staff. There are a few questions that arise in the context:

How can we install mechanisms to further support our alumni in having peer exchange and access to the latest discussions in their fields to maintain learning?

What needs to be done so that our alumni and former GIZ staff will maintain their relation with GIZ over the years? and

How can we effectively utilize their various skills and contacts for future activities?

In this session the developers of the Global Public Finance Network want to present the idea, demonstrate the features of the newly designed web based network platform and discuss the benefits for future network members as well as for GIZ.

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