Public Finance Reforms: How to make a Difference

Workshop Session 3
October 7, 14:30 – 16:00, Venue: Umweltforum/Plenum
Language: English


Doris Nückel, Programme Manager, Head of project “Good Financial Governance” in Zambia

Barbara Dutzler, Project Manager, Head of Project “Strengthening Public Financial Management (PFEM)” in Malawi


Philipp Krause, Team Leader Public Finance, Overseas Development Institute

Kadri Jogiste, Technical Advisor, GFG Programme Zambia

Doris Nueckel, Team Leader, GFG Programme Zambia

Lamin Sanyang, Technical Advisor, PFEM Malawi


The objective is for participants to exchange experiences on how to reach impact in Good Financial Governance (GFG) interventions, being mindful in particular of the influence of political economy factors.

Governments in developing countries are often overwhelmed by different concepts and ideas on reforming their public finance systems, sometimes donor driven, resulting in complex advanced performance management reforms to be implemented when fundamentals in public financial management (budget credibility, timely financial reporting, functioning controls etc.) are not in place. Fundamentals, in turn, are hard to change, when power holders benefit from, and hence are driven by, the objective to maintain the status quo. Reforms stall, given a general lack of capacities at all levels, mal-functioning institutions, donor funding priorities, etc.: How to deal with these complex technical and political economy factors, how to confront, circumvent or integrate such obstacles into GIZ’s support to Public Finance reforms in order to reach impact, is the key question for this workshop.

The demand for visible impacts of Good Financial Governance interventions, such as the Governance Impact Initiative Africa, has drawn attention to the challenges imposed by political economy factors. Growing critique from the high level academic side about the lack of their consideration and a narrow-minded focus on technical aspects of development cooperation make it a priority topic when applying GIZ’s GFG approach.

The topic is of high relevance to all Governance projects as the workshop shall go beyond a pure technical discussion on Public Finance reforms, but enhance reflections and analysis on what and how to advice in order to effectively and sustainably implement Public Finance reforms that ultimately benefit the citizens through better service delivery.

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