Readiness for Climate Finance: What it Takes to Access and to Be Ready to Use Climate Finance

Open Space 9
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Plenarsaal
Language: tbd


Mariama Baldé, Advisor, Project: Support to modernize public financial management in Cameroon (PAMFIP)


Mariama Baldé, Advisor, GIZ

Felix Fallasch, Policy Analyst, Climate Analytics


Exchange of experience and expertise on climate finance using the example of Cameroon’s efforts in this field.

Issues and content of the workshop

Accessing and spending climate finance as effectively as possible poses a number of challenges. Beneficiary countries need to maintain an overview of funding priorities, of different financing options and access modalities, as well as deal with the complexities of their public finance systems when absorbing the additional funds. A presentation by Felix Fallasch will address these issues. This will be followed by a discussion, which will draw on the experience and lessons learned from the Cameroonian Government in the field of climate change/climate finance, such as the climate finance action plan, the developed methodology to mainstream climate change into the budgetary processes and the results of the ongoing Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews.

Relevance to the sector day’s key topic

Climate change will have a severe impact on development globally. While developing countries will be the most affected, they are also the ones with most limited resources. Therefore, there is an urgent need to strengthen their public finance systems to ensure the implementation and absorption of additional climate funds.

Practical relevance for our governance services
Managing available resources is of importance and relevance beyond individual sectors and it feeds into the overall capacity of a government to effectively govern the finances of its public sector. Strategic planning and transparent management therefore go hand in hand with good governance.

Relevance for other projects

The effects of climate change are cross-cutting and have an impact on all projects in the field of governance – be it directly or indirectly. A successful response to climate change is central to moving forward other development agenda.

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