Joachim Fritz

Joachim Fritz is currently Head of GIZ’s Sector Department Governance and Conflict based in Eschborn, Germany. This department encompasses a variety of GIZs core thematic areas such as democracy, policy dialogue, urban and urbanization, public administration and finance, rule of law, security, peace and developmental oriented emergency aid and is responsible for the overall thematic orientation and development of GIZ services in those thematic areas. Mr. Fritz has worked as governance and public sector management advisor as well as responsible manager of several long term projects and programmes in Africa and Latin America such as Guatemala (2002 – 2005), Ecuador (2013 – 2015), South Africa (2007 – 2012) and Benin (1995 – 1998). He has experience as short term consultant for GIZ as well as for other international organizations (World Bank). His areas of expertise include overall public management reforms, decentralization and intergovernmental relations, public finance, peace and security including violence prevention and urban development and capacity development. In addition he has been involved in numerous missions on project identification, monitoring and evaluation. He has been trained in leadership and strategic as well as quality management. Joachim Fritz holds a Diploma (MA equivalent) in Administrative Science from University of Konstanz.