Talk to me, not about me! Political Participation and Communication in Times of Hyper-Connectivity

Workshop Session 3
October 7, 14:30 – 16:00, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Kuppelsaal Nord
Language: English


Sarmina Ferhad, Planning Officer, Competence Centre Media.Communication.eGovernance, Department Good Governance and Human Rights


Dieter Reinl, Head of Strategic Communication and Contacts with Civil Society, Federal Foreign Office

Beate Freuding, Beyond Strategic Consulting, Berlin

Imran Ayata, Ballhaus West, Berlin

Bettina Fackelmann, Solutions through Constructive Communication, Berlin

Ismael Nouns, GIZ, German-Jordanian Program “Management of Water Resources”, Amman/Jordan


Digital infrastructure is global in scope. The phenomenon “hyper-connectivity” transcends supranational, national, regional or local boundaries. People as well as devices, objects and systems are connected digitally. Today’s fast changing societies are based on the accessibility of constant information, 24-hour broadcasting, social media or mobile services. This has a strong impact on opinion shaping, on acceptance and legitimacy of governance systems. Governments of all levels respond to the underlying fact that power is diffusing into the hands of “multiple others”. From the perspective of the “multiple others” such as citizens, employees or civil society the phenomenon hyper-connectivity multiplies and enforces their impact due to the possibility to share knowledge and information, induce mass-peer-to-peer contacts and a higher degree of organization. Some governments react in autocratic ways, some pick up the ball and create, share and distribute information or install responsive spaces for deliberation and participation.

The workshop opens the floor for the presentation of hands-on examples of political participation introduced by experts from Berlin’s political communication arena and showcases of GIZ’s technical support in strategic communication in governance reforms. Participation, dis-cussion and networking is highly appreciated and space to do so will be created.

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