Towards a conceptual approach to Urbanisation Partnerships as instrument for sustainable urbanisation

Open Space 6
October 8, 14:00 – 15:30, Venue: Neue Mälzerei/Elysium
Language: German


Charlotte Junghans, Project Manager, German Public Sector Clients (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety)

Sandra Müller, Advisor, Project Sino-German Climate Partnership

Daphne Frank, Advisor, Urban and Regional Development



Oliver Weigel, BMUB-Head of Division ‘Urban development policy’

Ralf Schulze, BMUB-Head of Division `International Urban Development, Urbanization Partnerships, Smart Cities´



Sandra Müller, Set-up of UP with China

Frank Samol/Markus Nuding, partner ministry interest in UP

Daphne Frank, Globalvorhaben cities fit for climate change


Charlotte Junghans

‘Urbanisation Partnerships’: what does this mean? BMUB, supported by GIZ has established bilateral urbanisation partnerships with China, South Africa and the US and signed a new MoU with India. Brazil is also well on the way with an MoU. Further partner countries have already shown interest for such a means of cooperation. On the other hand urbanisation partnerships exist also on the EU level (i.e. China-EU Partnership on Urbanisation). Together with GIZ, BMUB is establishing a more conceptual approach to implement these partnerships as an instrument to foster sustainable urbanisation worldwide. One of the challenges is creating synergies with city partnerships, city networks, research institutes and the work of other ministries (i.e. BMZ, BMBF).

The Workshop or open space will address the following questions:

What kind of urbanisation partnerships exist?

Who are the key players?

What is BMUB’s strategy and rationale behind the establishment of Urbanisation Partnerships?

What do partner ministries expect from urbanisation partnerships?

What are the synergies between urbanisation partnerships and urban development projects commissioned by BMZ?

What are lessons learnt from the current establishment of the first Urbanisation Partnership between China and Germany?

The goal of the event is an initial stock-taking and sharing of experiences as well as jointly discussing and possibly developing key elements of ‘urbanisation partnerships’ as a new instrument for sustainable urbanisation in a globalised world.

First hand input will be given from representatives of BMUB and GIZ, involved in the current set-up of Urbanisation Partnerships.

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