Youth: Change Agents or Merely Beneficiaries of Good Governance?

Workshop Session 1
October 6, 16:30 – 18:00, Venue: Umweltforum/Seminar 12
Language: English & German


Nadia Mahlke, Project Manager, Spaces for Civic Engagement of Youth, Egypt


Boris Scharlowski, Planning Officer Education, Labour Market

Youth can probably be considered as Africa’s greatest social and political force and strongest development asset. Yet, young peoples’ visions, ideas and hopes for their countries’ futures are hardly taken into account in traditional policy-making processes.

The workshop aims to discuss innovative formats of civic and political participation of youth along the following questions:

How can youth become a driving force for Good Governance?

Should young people be considered as change agents, intermediaries or merely a target groups for democratic processes?

In which forms can youth participate in local governance?

Presenting different examples of youth participation in Egypt and Mauritania, the workshop explores how young people can be empowered as citizens, how their civic engagement can be enhanced and how they furthermore can be included in political processes to demand and to contribute to better governance in their community as well as society.

In a fast changing world without borders, political structures and technical cooperation cannot be based solely on traditional forms of institutionalism. Creative and inclusive forms of participation that respond to the different roles of key players are essential in order to address youth and support them to become a resource for change.

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